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Internet of the dead

I brief through Linkedin, and find a contact that is deceased. I read the profile, and there is nothing there to suggest he is no longer with us. Obviously, even if a wife,… Continue reading

My New Year’s Wish

For this New Year, I wish that the winds will turn towards more tolerance and acceptance in this country and this world for those that don’t share our skin color, sexual preference, religious… Continue reading

Assange and who is the hero

I cannot grasp the mindset of people that call themselves freedom fighters, and then hack the website of a defense attourney whose job is to ensure that two women who claim to have… Continue reading

Between minds

There are people that can go really far into fine philisophical reasoning and put forth theories around stuff you never thought about… for a reason. Then they look at you and say “do… Continue reading

Events and unlimited choices

We are event-driven. Most of what we do are reactions. Outside events trigger us. I read a political article, I get upset, I write a blogpost to comment. You feel a need to… Continue reading

Blasphemy – the joke’s on us

“Are you a Christian?” I was asked by a colleague over lunch in Shanghai last week. “Eh eh well…” That’s the million dollar question. For someone raised a Christian, still beleiving in God… Continue reading

First Entry

It’s been three years since I stopped blogging. It took too much time. But so many words want out, so finally I decided to give it another try. Back in business. Back in… Continue reading

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