Assange and who is the hero

I cannot grasp the mindset of people that call themselves freedom fighters, and then hack the website of a defense attourney whose job is to ensure that two women who claim to have been raped are treated in accordance with the law in their country.

I obviously have no clue as to whether Assange actually committed those crimes. However, if both he and a woman had alcohol, it could well be that he thinks she was OK with what happened while she actually wasn’t. Since there are two women, who didn’t even know eachother, who tell the same story, I can understand that the attourney wants to at least interrogate him.

The Swedish legal system is not perfect, but it is completely separated from the Swedish government, and hence untouchable by political interests. Hence, there is no way the US governement could ever influence the minds of the handful of people who are working this case – especially since Sweden is one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

So what does that make all these people that are shouting, hacking and accusing our legal system?

Pro-rape? Or at least against a legal system where women that claim to be raped are taken seriously? Or is that just in case the said rapist is famous? Are they pro-famous-people-being-above-the-law? Anti-democrats? Or are they just downright stupid?

The difference between terrorists and real freedom fighters is actually quite thin.

It’s all about the nobility of the cause.

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